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Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary welcomes DOUGIE

by Polly on May 24, 2016

IMG 0571 300x225 Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary welcomes  DOUGIE SURPRISE ,SURPRISE at The Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary

Early in May , we received a phone call from a lovely gentleman from Wellow , who wanted to hand over his pet Shetland Pony called Dottie, and his pet donkey called Bella. He had owned them since September 2015 and already they were very important to him –he used to take them for walks every day . They were both miniatures and they were gorgeous,calm and friendly !! He had suffered a loss of grazing over the winter and wondered if we could take the animals ,to give them a safe and secure home for life. We agreed !!

They came into the sanctuary on the 12 th May , and looked in fabulous condition, although both were a bit ‘chubby’ . Leire ,our vet, looked at them both on the 19th May and astounded us all by announcing that Dottie was in fact pregnant , and a baby would be due in 3 weeks !! The following morning, on the 20th May, our Charity Manager came into work ,and there sat next to his mum Dottie was a miniature Shetland foal . Cue excitement around the farm.

The previous owner was ‘shocked’ , and we all realised that Dottie must have been in foal when he took her in.

Welcome to the world, DOUGIE , our new miniature Shetland Pony.

We were ‘gobsmacked’ !!!! But thrilled !!! Isle of Wight Donkeys

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